Springfield Digital Academy REGISTRATION

REGISTRATION LINK: https://forms.gle/UkQuEqhSZLrjkjEaA

LINK TO RETURN TO IN-BUILDING LEARNING: https://forms.gle/XxS2Yegz8t541Smr9

Student enrollment in the Springfield Digital Academy (SDA) is only available to students who reside in the district and are currently enrolled in the district. Clicking anywhere within this space will navigate users to to the online enrollment portal. The window for families exploring this virtual learning option for 3rd Trimester is now open and will remain so until 3/2/23 at 9:00pm.. Remember, too, that only a custodial parent can enroll a student in the SDA.

Who We Are and What We Believe

At the SDA, we believe that each child is capable of doing great things.  We strive to create an environment that challenges both the emotional and intellectual attributes of the children.  We believe that a team composed of students, parents, Springfield Local staff and community members provides the integral support needed for a child’s academic success.

We believe in our staff.  We believe in our students.  We believe in you.